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As a not-for-profit organisation, Shibboleth offers a range of services related to its visual literacy research as a social publisher, which ensure that our community workers are regularly and fairly compensated.


Libraries and Institutions


Shibboleth welcomes enquiries related to the artist’s book field, helping libraries and institutions build their collections based on varying criteria. We create standing orders for institutions that can be collaboratively crafted in the form of physical libraries, digital repositories, publications and installations. Recent collaborations include the Children’s Neuropsychiatry Department of the Don Gnocchi Hospital in Milan and the Biblioteca Riccardiana in Florence, Italy.




Shibboleth delivers offsite lectures on social publishing and the history of the book as well as long-term workshops designed to promote the understanding of the photobook in collaboration with primary and high schools, undergrad and MFA students from art schools. Shibboleth was recently invited to speak at the Politecnico (Milan, IT), the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense (Milan, IT), Leporello Bookstore (Rome, IT) and Camera (Turin, IT). We currently hold a long-term collaboration with Mutty in Castiglione delle Stiviere devoted to the reading and production of photobooks for second generation public school pupils; and with the Palladio Museum in Vicenza, Italy.


Design and Distribution Services


Shibboleth provides design services for authors and institutions interested in translating their research and ideas into bookworks. We design catalogues, monographs, fiction, non-fiction and tabloids, and we welcome proposals for artist’s publications that are democratically available, inexpensive and produced in large or open editions rather than unique books. An open submission policy is at the core of our effort to facilitate the physical distribution of publications, bringing appreciation to the field. Our ongoing collaborations include a series for The International Reserch Centre for the Culture of Childhood based in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we typically work on a consignment basis for books designed and then sold through our independent distribution network of bookshops and fairs. Together with the author or institution we set a price for each publication based on production budget and retain 35% of the retail price upon the sale of each copy. We endeavour to make payments quarterly. Any amount under EUR 25,00 will be carried forward to the next three-month payment period. A report of sales will be provided upon pay-out.




Shibboleth expands its research in the field of visual culture by providing photography services for artists, galleries and institutions looking to present their work with digital images or portfolio prints.