Divago Festival Public Art Festival + Workshop Genova, Italy

SHIBBOLETH is a publisher of visual books based in Milan,
Italy. Our projects for the page are a reflection of our projects for the people as we ask ourselves what would happen if images were to replace words in a shared system of signs and symbols.

Our catalogue comprises visual translations of out of copyright fiction, visual proverb calendars, visual dictionaries, encyclopaedias, postcards and photo tabloids. Our research aims to expand the quantity of information within the literal and metaphorical field of vision of communities affected by cognitive and educational disadvantage.




We gave our astronaut friend Nick a tomato to take into space. He sent us a picture of him floating with it inside the rocket. We were extremely amused. We also published our first book box, Emic Units. We participated in the Tokyo Art Book Fair. We’re still waiting for the unsold books to come back by boat.



Emic Units


We surprised our friend Rita cooking crumpets in her kitchen, she showed us the tongue. She was not ready to be seen. We participated in the Paper Market Fair in Rome. The first children’s photobook course at Mutty in Castiglione delle Stiviere came to an end.


We were playing with Ira in the back yard of his countryside farm when he lifted a turkey and it suddenly started snowing. We wondered whether these two unrelated events were in fact connected. We also launched our website. We participated in The Art Chapter book fair in Milan. We were on a residency in Genoa for ten days.


Presentation of Emic Units at Leporello, Rome (19 March 2024)

Workshop with Kensuke Koike, Milan (28 March 2024)

Presentation of Emic Units at Camera, Turin (9 April 2024)

Workshop at Sisters Accent, NY (20 April 2024)

Printed Matter Art Book Fair, NY (25 – 28 April 2024)

One Thing After the Other, new book by Mick Finch (April 2024

Sprint Exposed Book Fair, OGR Turin (4 – 5 May 2024)

Workshop at Camera, Turin (8 May 2024)

Workshop at the Salone del Libro, Turin (9 May 2024)