Divago Festival Public Art Festival + Workshop Genova, Italy

Instead of arriving in time to catch the 9 pm train, Lev thought he should turn up two minutes late. He wanted to see the tail of the departing train to be convinced by his own eyes that time and space are inseparable from material reality. And so, he did.


Shibboleth chooses not to rely on distributors. It is a claim to chance in a time of predictability, to intention in the context of automation. Rather, we build long-term partnerships with bookshops, libraries, institutions, collectors and readers based on mutual appreciation and a shared interest in the book as a democratic device for the dissemination of ideas.


We ship worldwide via track and trace courier services. Delivery times are estimated between 3 to 5 business days for Europe and between 7 to 10 days for the rest of the world. In case of return to the sender, the buyer will be notified and asked to pay shipping costs anew. We do not refund. We strive to process orders as swiftly as possible – we’re a small team.


Other than in bookshops, our titles can be found at fairs internationally. Here is a calendar:



23-25 November 2023: TABF, Tokyo, JP


10 December 2023: Paper Market, Rome, IT


19-21 January 2024: The Art Chapter, Milan, IT


25-27 April 2024: Printed Matter, NY, US


26-28 April 2024: Libros Mutantes, Madrid, ES


4-5 May 2024: Sprint Exposed, Turin, IT


9-13 May 2024: Salone del Libro, Turin, IT


10-12 May 2024: Fanzineist, Vienna, AT


10 May 2024: ByoB Fair, Amsterdam, NL